Virus In Training

virus by mozey
December 19, 2006, 7:48 pm
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OKAY OKAY, i know i dont have that huge of a fan base YET. however, if you have made it to my blog and do not what this is all about. Here it is!:

I have chosen to associate myself with a problem that i’m willing to deticate my life to. Hopefully i can solve it one of these days. I want to build an online community that spreads ever so virually. Thats pretty much it in a nuttshell. I went to school to become a programmer. I have been in the workforce for less than two years. And VERY soon i realized that programming is just a skill. Right now, it is being utilized to make someone else richer. WHICH IS OKAY!, it really is, i’m still young, someone else has the business mind. I’m getting paid well, there are no losers here. However, why not try to make this work for me?

After looking into many of my options, i realized that social networking websites is the way to go. They are fairly new, the generic problems have been solved. But there are still MANY fields where people can take advantage off. And thats where my DrEaM comes in. I can:

  • design
  • load test
  • unit test
  • administer
  • script
  • etc

I JUST NEED THE IDEA!. not as easy!

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Good luck with your dream! I’m in the exact same situation but I’m more of a designer and less of a programmer! 😉 It seems like most of the ideas are already taken but there are definitely niche’s out there that need attention — that’s where the research comes in!

And there’s always taking an established idea and making it better!

Gratz on taking the challenge!

Comment by Brooke

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