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Reinventing ideas by mozey
January 2, 2007, 7:17 pm
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There was a family guy episode where stewie attempted to invent a time machine. He called it,,,,, well, “Time Machine”. From Stewie’s thought proccess, you can derive that he THINKS that this is an original Idea. We all do that at a point of time dont we? invent or think about an idea which allready exisit. is a REALLY cool (and somewhat funny) websites where girls get to go and vent about thier bad breakups!!!. Now here is the twist, I ACTUALLY attempted to build something of that nature way back in the summer. BUT I STOPPED!, i thought i would put all of my effords twards a different idea.

So yeahh, the website owner was on Dr phill and i’m sure her system admins were sitting there watching the load go higher and higher. cha ching for her.


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