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wordpress plugin framework by mozey
January 8, 2007, 8:15 pm
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Is’nt it about time that somebody with a decent programming background develops an MVC framework written especially for wordpress plugins!?!?.

WordPress plugins right now are hacked big time in order to do what they are suppose to do. And all of the code rewriting is time consuming and leaves lots of space for error, which only frustrates admins since thier wordpress is acting up and they have no idea why. Aside from that, wordpress is being used as a CMS for many private contractors (such as myself) to talor to thier clients. I usually end up writing few simple plugins per contract, depending on what my client needs. And i think that an MVC framework would make my life SOO much easier.

We have two choices right now:

  1. Taking an exisiting PHP MVC framework and blend it into wordpress. Now this could be possible however, i dont know how much it would slow things down.
  2. Developing a lightweight minimalistic framework and port it into wordpress as a plugin.

So i’m just thinking out loud here, bare with me. The framework needs to:

  • Scaffold relational tables based on a predetermined forign key. How good is a scaffolding option if it is not relational. Many extentions have been built for ruby which extend to that functionality.
  • Have a sweet ass admin interface which will generate all files for us.
  • Data validation, display order, and other things to model would also be done through the admin interface.
  • Tie “controller actions” to wordpress “action hooks”. That would be soo sweet.
  • Somehow, generate test cases.

Seriously, not much more than that. It should be small and miminal. It would be solving a MUCH smaller problem than something like Catyles, or RoR would be. Something like this would not only make wordpress customizable, but it would also cut back on the cusyomization/development time by a convincing factor.

Hopefully soon, i will have the time. Pingback me if you find something else out there like this.


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