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Code monkeys by mozey
January 16, 2007, 7:05 pm
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is SO MUCH CODE out there!, that will do almost ANYTHING that you want!. At the very least, it makes for a good starting ground for any project anyone is building. I was trained to be a proffesional programmer, and i landed a job doing that (and getting coffee until we got a new office newbie). But as time goes on, and as i solve many exciting problems by working off of opensource code (installing it, and bending it a bit), i realize that PROGRAMMING IS BORING!.

Programming would’nt be bornig if i’m coding something new, but its an INSTNANT and powerfull turn off once i realize that whatever it is i’m coding exisit out there with a GPL license!. Except, its properly tested and there are a team of programmers handling it.

There is a point of time where SOME OF US dont do anything for the pure joy anymore. And i crossed that line, i dont know if this is a bad thing. Well, i do enjoy building systems!. And my clients sure as hell dont mind to pay for “customizing” instead of “developing”.

One of these days, I KNOW IT, i will NEED to code something and fast, but my skills are gonna be long gone by then. 🙂

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