Virus In Training

What do you do for living by mozey
January 16, 2007, 7:18 pm
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  • Scientests: Understand the world around us, and come up with theories and laws that would explain them.
  • Engineers: Glue random sh1t together governed by the laws which the scientests have proofed.
  • Programmers: Programming is to math is like Engineering is to science!
  • Techies: Keep the sh1t that Engineers/Programmers build up and running.
  • Marketers: Sell the sh1t that engineers/programmers build and the techies are maintaining.
  • Managment: Make all the money from the sh1t that was sold. THEN, slam thier hands on a table as they yell, “GOD DAMN IT SADOWSKIE, this is NOT the PRODUCTIVE AREA OF DISCUSSION!”.
  • A55holes: Convince you that you will be in controle of your life and that you need to give them money!
  • Govnerment workers: Soleless zombies who have the IQ of a thumtack.
  • Artists: Hippies, god damn hippies, and we love them.

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