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mvcPress screenshots by mozey
January 22, 2007, 4:58 pm
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UPDATE: I’m no longer working on this you guys!, although it would be a GOOD project to finish. But i decided to use symfony instead of hacking away at WP.  And in all honesty, wordpress ISSSS a blogging software (correction, the BEST blogging software). But i think it would make more sense to use a framework instead of a product to do my little evening projects.


Okay, so i spent few hours over the weekend to work on mvcPress. If you have’nt been reading my previous posts (not surprizing), i am kind of playing around with developing an MVC framework to be used on wordpres plugin development.

An good place to start is to decide how it will look like. A top level submenu is DEFINATLY needed. I know its fround upon, but iz all good. The submenue’s will be,

  • Dashboard – Dashboard is going to be a quick summary of all of your projects, views, models, controlers. And it will also be an RSS agregator of the development blog. Thought it was a good idea.
  • Generator – This is the interface where all of the components will be generated.
  • Helpers – A plan old php function library files. Will contain functions and classes that could be used in other components. The nice thing about it is, its a normal WP plugin. You can manage it, activate it, deactivate it, etc. mvcpress helpers
  • Projects – Projects which are developed by mvcPress.projects submenue
  • API -Wordpress API, becomes very helpful.
  • WP-phpMyAdmin – Well, THANK YOU DUDE.wp-phpmyadmin

Yeahh, so thats that. Now, one more thing which i have defined which is worth mentioning. What does MVC mean in wordpress talk? Well, tell me what you think of this:

Models in WP – This is where i have to do anykind of programming. This should be SOMETHING inheritable!, i WILL implement scaffolding and relational scaffolding in mvcPress models.

Views in WP – Each view will reside in one file, will include the model on top, and is basically a template tag.

Controler in WP – Each controler resides in its proper directory path, it is a file which contains one wordpress action sink. Each controler will include the model on top, and it will be implemented using many boolean tags and conditional tags.

So yeahh, this is where i’m at. Hopefully few more weeks, i should have something that runs. It will be really easy to develop this framework since all of the heavy lifting is done by the WP functions. I just have to look them up and use them.

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