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stupid 2.0 by mozey
February 12, 2007, 7:55 pm
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I’m sick of the over use of the postfix 2.0!, web 2.0 i can understand. But what about,

  1. learn 2.0
  2. music 2.0
  3. pictures 2.0
  4. hickie 2.0
  5. 10″ 2.0
  6. audio 2.0

What a crock of sh1t!, What the hell? THIS kind of language confuses people to no end. People should be a little bit more aware of what thier words mean. So, yeahh!, i could sit here and ask everyone to “Participate in Self Inflecting, well Lubricated, Anal passage Fornication”. But i WONT!, you know why? cause there is a MUCH easier way to say this.
So please!, Making words up andjamming them together DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOL.

P.S. i dont know who this dude is, but this is the type of face i picture these LOONIES make when they use such terms. Also, remember e-commerce!, and, dashboard!, OH GOD.
THis guy seems very smart and objective tho.


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