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Why not adsense in wordpress dot com by mozey
March 13, 2007, 7:42 pm
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Adsense has been a blogger’s friend for ages now. I wonder why does’nt allow us to put our own adsense? We do blog for the love it, that i will admit. It totally creeped out on my as a VERY addictive passtime. Having said that, i would still like to make a buck or two if i can!.

I”M SURE this is something that they have talked about, and considered etc. However, nothing i have read or heard about. Does anyone know what does is thinking about adsense?


I just read the following on wordpress’s features page

“To support the service we may occasionally show Google text ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.”

SO thats REALLY something to lookforward to. Thank you WP for all of your hard work.


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You can put non-javascript ads on your blogs. Adsense is NOT a friend to anyone except those who use it to try to make money. It’s not a friend, it’s a business.

The OVERWHELMING consensus from bloggers since began was to keep it ad free. If you want to make money with your blog, get the free, full version of WordPress, get your own hosted site (or pay for one on and add your own ads, no matter where they come from.

This blog is free. The desire of WordPress developers was to create a place where blogging is for those who are passionate about their blogging experience, not necessarily in it for the money.

I don’t know what is wrong with so many people who think their hobby needs to pay them back. I think that blogging for blogging’s sake is a good thing and making money with your blog turns your blog into a business. Treat it professionally and accordingly. And pay the price for the business, just like you would pay rent on a store front.

Does that help answer your question?

Comment by Lorelle VanFossen

oh WaW, and you even packaged my lunch!.

I actually never looked at it this way, but you see how it could be an abviouse question?!

Comment by mozey

Adsense is great way to create some revenue from your website or blog, but if everybody start to create hundreds or thousands useless blogs just because of money…
The quality of information is much more important .

Comment by gtasystem

The choice to have AdSense or not on your blog should be left entirely to the individual. There is nothing wrong with making some cash from your blog!

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Comment by cyberst0rm

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Comment by anouar

I’ll change to my own site to control everything.

Comment by yimplex

Good question. So far is is NO. The thing is, You can NOT customize your theme/template!!

Comment by wordpress1794

Its funny how wordpress takes people for a ride. They have been testing Ads for a long time and I reached this page through a web search and I see SIX ads on this page, at the start and end of the post!

Comment by WordPress Lies

I’m all for adsense, If you have a passion for blogging it’s a great way to generate passive income from your blog.

Comment by Anonymous

I think adsense is great. If you love blogging it’s another way to create passive income from your blog.

Comment by Ryan

i’d like to put adsense in my blog too!

Comment by fox1991

I’ve opened a petition online
if you want you can sign it


Comment by fox1991

However, nothing i have read or heard about.

You may want to search the support forums as well as the FAQ as it’s been discussed at great length previous.

Comment by drmike

I’d like to say that I 110% believe that a service like should remain ad free. Just like Lorelle said, if you are using a free service, then why do you need to generate income.

If you were forced to pay for the service, then yes you should be able to earn income from your blog. BUT if you want to earn income from Adsense, and other javascript-based ads, and NOT pay for your hosting then why should you be provided with free hosting in the first place.

If you want to earn an income, the least you can do is to pay for real hosting, and a real domain, and thus look even more professional, than hosting as

There are people out there who have decided to not use service, and gone alone and found their own hosting and domain, and are making bucket-loads of money. Take me for instance, I’m making enough money from my blogs to pay for their hosting, and domains each year, and I look more professional.

If you want to run a blog on a free service, and then expect to earn income, go over and use Blogger, but for crying out loud, let a good quality free service run, and set their own rules for the good of the community.

Comment by Andrew

Is it not possible to put adsense at wordpress?

Comment by brweb

please help me how to put adsense ads between posts
Many thanks for helping

Comment by hamdyy

I have answered many questions on the forum. Many of those questions were posed by people who do not know that both a and a exist and are very different. It does seem that the volunteers on the forum spend a considerable portion of their time directing people to the .org support fourms, rather than answering questions that directly pertain to using software. When I made the observation that the largest tag on the forums was “” Mark simply eliminated the tag. These these facts remain:
(1) Confusion does prevail;
(2) Bloggers waste their time and energy, as well as, the time and energy of volunteers, who provide the free service of re-directing them to the .org support forums; and
(3) This confusion could perhaps be reduced and even eliminated if Matt’s corporate fork and had different names.

Setting that aside, Lorelle has correctly pointed out that is a free blogging service that does not allow blogger initiated adsense or other advertising. This policy is stated in the FAQs but on a daily basis confused bloggers looking for a free hosting ride, plus advertising income spill their unhappiness out on the support forums when they are informed of this “no advertising” policy.

Automattic/ itself is running adsense ads on blogs and has been doing so for over a year and a half now.

Like Mark, I know that and are separate and different and I believe that they need different names so the confusion is reduced or eliminated.

Comment by timethief

As Lorelle said above:

The OVERWHELMING consensus from bloggers since began was to keep it ad free. If you want to make money with your blog, get the free, full version of WordPress, get your own hosted site (or pay for one on and add your own ads, no matter where they come from.

What I would like to add is that many bloggers still do not know that Automattic/ is running ads on our blogs.

Among those that do know, many are sick and tired of waiting for the opportunity to purchase the option promised on the Features page to eliminate the adsense advertising that Automattic/ currently runs on their blogs.

Comment by timethief

Check this site, offering AdSense support. They are using WordPress platform to offer free blogs

Comment by mallikrao

hi guys i want to put adsense on my blog which is and my application has been approved bow i came to now ads are not allowed for is there any solution for it plz tell me m worried

Comment by kattwinson


Comment by kattwinson

From what i is a good one for blogger..

..too is not adsense’s friendly.. (blogspot) is a right one for anyone who wants to put adsense and gain some money from their blog.

I have both of it..and till now..I still hoping that will soon support adsense.
My Hope is “Hoping..!” 🙂

Comment by Sweet17th

Other search engines like MSN seems to also discount blogs and websites with Adsense. I noticed that website or blogs without adsense, they index quickly.

Comment by AGX Hosting

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