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operating system moscot war apple penguin windows and beastie by mozey
March 14, 2007, 7:19 pm
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Okay, so OS’s have been taking stabs at each other for ever. And they will continue to do so!. So i spent some time to look up some funny graphics of these “stabes”.

I’m sure that are plenty more, and i hope that i will have many more to come. I COULD’NT FIND ANYTHING for solaris!, let meknow peolpe!.

beastie-breaking-windowsfreebsd-beastie-does-linuxfreebsd-beastie-kills-linuxbill-gates-bitten-linuxbill-gates-stealing-maclinux log in a mac logosome other funny picture with linux and vistawindows trojan going into an apple’s system

Okay, this video is actually cool, For the first min, i actually thought that he was serious!


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