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Plentyoffish dot com and mathematics by mozey
March 15, 2007, 6:21 pm
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Two of the things that i spend much of my time on is mathematical trivia and website development (not PHP or RUBY, more like the social aspect of things). I dont see many guys out there who are into both!. Perhaps the reason for this is, web development is a VERY applied field, and math is somewhat theoretical. AND THOSE TWO THINGS HATE EACH OTHER.

Recently tho, i discovered that the Markus Frind from is a bit of a mathematician himself!!!!. Around 2003, he participated in finding the world’s first set of 23 primes in an arithmetic progression.

I’ll fill you guys in fairly quickly. Well!!!, basically!!!, prime numbers are a MESS!, they follow no pattern, they have WIERD and strang behaviour, and it is impossible to represent them in an arithmetic progression, ie (y=3x+3, then all your answers will be prime!!), NO, impossible to do.

Many people BELIEVE, that we are looking at them the wrong way, perhaps our numirical system lacks the power to describe them!, who knows!.

Eitherways, Some people have been trying to find an arithmetic progression to fit as much primes as they can. I think EVERYbody who attempted this KOW that its not going anywhere!, but they do it for the sake of doing it!. Before Markus Frind’s results, The world record were 22. MEANING, someone found an equation which spits out 22 primes for the first 22 values of X.

Our friend (Perhaps with a team) was the first to find an equation to suffice 23 numbers. Again, what good does this do anybody!, NOTHING. IT DOES NO ONE NO GOOD. But, if you get into it, HOLLY addictive!!!!!!!!!!!.

He has the source code and the program to download on his primes page within plentyoffish.

I’m a geek i know, 🙂 but god damn it this is cool stuff.

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