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Does it make me a bad person by mozey
March 17, 2007, 7:45 pm
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OKAY, THIS IS A MEAN POST!, sorry! dont read any further!.

Does it make me a bad person that my eyes bleed when i read an article that has 2.0 in it!? seriously, by b4115 hurt!, those are the same people who got excited when the term E-Commerce came about right before the IT crash. They were all like:

ewhhhhhhhh ewhhhhhhh, e-commerce and internet, internet and e-commerce blablablablabla, i use big words to hide the fact that i have the IQ of a beer bottle,,,,,,,,,,, with urine in it. OWOH, HOLD ON!, i have to go and study for my MICROSOFT CERTIFICATION. This next module is fairly challanging, it talks about how the registery “works” (please notice the qoutes)! hahah, i’m such a world class IT professional. I have to be excused, my personal held device is ringing. It must be time for my daily personal blog where i got to talk about the effects of “Toothpick 2.0” and the resturant industry. There i go with my chai late with extra foam and side Italian Biscati.

That did feel a bit better!, i must admit


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