Virus In Training pays $2,000 for your videos by mozey
April 4, 2007, 6:35 pm
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A new web 2.0 service is lauched and STRONG. It has been getting serious traffic since late 2006 (so says alexa). logo is a collaborative video sharing website, unlike youtube however, break will pay you $2000 dollars if your video made it to the front page and will also pay you $25 if your video is archived.

I can see what they are attempting to do. To be a bit more selective than youtube in keeping their videos. And also encourage serious video authors to upload their stuff.

I think that unless finds its niche, it wont be around for much longer. Aside from that, paying 2000 dollars per video is better spent on SERIOUS IT development of a NEW web application!

Techies(0) – Salesmen(1)!!!

techies vs salesman good and evil

What do you guys think?


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How does a video “make the homepage”? Based on ratings? Views?

Do you think we’d actually find original videos on or everyone who has video on YouTube would just try their luck on 🙂

Comment by webified

Nice concept but I agree with you… the site needs to find its niche to survive. proposes a similar system (you get paid each time your video is seen as from a certain amount of views)

Comment by General Pattern

I completely agree, break needs to just go ahead and shut down. every 5 minutes they have “technical errors” Maybe they should spend the 400$ on their electric bill. POSERS!

Comment by guy

It doesn’t matter if has “exclusive material” or not, because sooner or later, someone will just take that video and post it on youtube.

Comment by Gil

It will definately encourage people to submit their video’s to break, metacafe over youtube, I mean why wouldn’t you? They pay you to do it and youtube doesn’t, they will do well.

Comment by EDC Gold Mentor

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