Virus In Training

Visual test by mozey
April 4, 2007, 8:58 pm
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Fish, blue hair hippie to the 4, 8 3 then a 2 five four. Speaking of which, never say that i have a phone, then fish some more. But before you education up no, staple two babies together and then bruce out of a lee in a black water. Random these words may who, but DO IT, for it will be better than your own child giving birth, Desturbing!? no. up its, scotch, hungry hungry i him. Munchies BUT NOT.

Jello fish in the snow bites the hell out of the dog fish. What is a dogfish? or is they a cat?, i domain my entertainment within the scop of my toothpick. IQ, then IOU, but why since all of us have day coffee holder a beside our dog cofee. Or should i say under? DO you see what i’im doing. FEEL THE LIGHT. and dance with me, thusley.

You are reading this post for one of two reason: A) your eyes recognize what a proper sentance should look like WITHOUT reading and hence why you glanced over at this. B) you actaully read the first two paragraphs!!!!, if this is the case, i feel sorry for you. However, if your eyes skipped to this paragraph, PLEASE COMMENT.

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