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My favorite phrases by mozey
April 5, 2007, 2:41 pm
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“Heeth, from out of the bible i read, See, the meek shell enherit the earth, and the strong will lead” (Tupac)

“May god forgive us, tho we dwell inside the paradox”(More Tupac!)

“GETTER DONE” (Some GENIOUS redneck)

“Life is simple, but not easy” (fufu)

“la tashku lilnasi jorhan enta sahiboho” (kathim El-Sahir)

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“Let’s Samurize Guys!” (Sam)
“Pump up the Power!” (Syd)
“Let’s Kick Some gigabutt!” (Tanker)

Comment by travis kellman

“For Sam, Sydney, Tanker and Ms. Tilden!” (Amp)

“Surf’s Up!” (Lucky)

Comment by travis kellman


Comment by travis kellman

“never stand back, when ther calling you out, dont bend, dont break, baby, never back down” (Bon Jovi)

Comment by mozey

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