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Cluster Headache Art by mozey
September 13, 2007, 9:20 pm
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Yes, sorry to say, I get them. IF you’re not completely hip on what it is, here is the wikipedia’s definition of it:

“Cluster headaches are rare, extremely painful and debilitating headaches that occur in groups or clusters. They may also be described as suicide headaches, a reference to the excruciating pain and resulting desperation that has culminated in actual suicide.”

Inhaling oxygen through an inhaler thingy does help with the pain, unfortunately, not many people can afford it. Our friend “Anthony Amabel” is a good example of that.

What will i do to change it? I will blog about it and hope that people read it!!!!

cluster headache cartoon sleepingcluster headache, women tearingsome dude having cluster headachecluster headache nice drawingsplitting red cluster headachethrobbing cluster headache

Sometimes, i flatter myself by saying that it happens only to geniuses due to the accessive IQ in their (i mean) our heads. 🙂 (IF YOU HAVE”NT SEEN THE MOVIE PI, DO IT, ITS A GOOD MOVIE)

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[…] mozey wrote a fantastic post today on “Cluster Headache Art”Here’s ONLY a quick extractcluster headache cartoon sleeping cluster headache, women tearing some dude having cluster headache cluster headache nice drawing splitting red cluster headache throbbing cluster headache. Sometimes, i flatter myself by saying that it … […]

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Hi everyone. I am Pablo and I am a cluster headache victim. I said victim because I don’t know what to do, I not under my control and life is bad becouse of it, sometimes.
I heard about ‘clustertab”
It works?
I can buy it in Brasil?
Is expensive?
Somebody can, please, answer my questions?
I hope you, guys, still doing this forum, I really need to know more about my disease.
Thank you.

Comment by Pablo Enriquez

Hi Pablo,
I am a new “victim” also…so far…I lay sideways on an ice pack. I’m sorry you are part of this 🙂

But don’t let something like this ruin your life. Do what you can under your “control” and seek a great support team.


Comment by diana calderon

You must remember that you control your actions pain or not. Foolish actions cause nothing but trouble.
I read with my other eye while laying on the side that hurts until I fall asleep.
Sometimes if I act quickly enough Aspirin(3) will make it less severe.

Comment by Renee

hi every body im one of those who are suffering from this horible headache sice six years this thing is damaging my whole life including my work that i had already lost for three times, in the other hand i became a different person ,otherwise i tried many madicense and i went to many doctors but it didnt work, so i hope to hear from any one who knows any treatment for this.

Comment by yamen salameh

Marry an Brittish girl is my advice!
You get free O2, free imigrin injections and free access to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery!
I’ve had this for 11 years and, had I owned a gun I would of shot myself in the head on more than 1 occassion!
If you’re in the UK, don’t rest untill your GP has refered you to the above hospital. If he won’t refer you, change surgeries! It’s NHS so it’s free!
There’s hope my friends!!!

Comment by Pete

hi there… I’ve been having this cluster headache for quite sometime already (20 years maybe) & I noticed that you can prevent the pain (not all the time tho)

Normally what i do is i’ll keep track of each attacks. The key things to take note is the ‘FREQUENCY of THE ATTACKS’, from the data if you plot a graph it will turn into a ‘bell’ shape/curve & beside that you need to ‘KNOW the CYCLE’ of these attacks. In my case the attacks normally last between 1 ~ 2 weeks & these cycle will repeats it self every year (sometime longer)

The other thing to take note is the ‘SYMPTOM’ of how/what do you feel(s) each time before the attacks, form me I’ll normally feels this sensation at my shoulder (right side) similar to stiff-neck which slowly moves towards my head.

With these knowledge what i do is each time when the CYCLE is about to start I’ll take Proponolol according to my doctor it helps you relax (ask your doctor, that’s what my Doctor prescribe me) & whenever I noticed the SYMPTOM, I’ll take a painkiller (PONSTANT/IMIGRANT) by doing this I escape the pain.

Comment by Zul Samad

Hiya!! Im a cluster sufferer for 2yrs. Might not seem like much, but dealing with this pain almost everyday it feels like it. I really was moved by your cluster art work. Truely it captures what we all feel!!

Comment by kate

Hi Pete

My wife and I are both British/English and there is no proven treatment for cluster headaches so marrying a British womam and overburdening the NHS will simply not work, very irresponsible of you to surgest it

Comment by Mark

Comment by Lance

i had suffered from cluster headaches for several years before I discovered what was ailing me. Last year I was in the middle of a cycle tat was 1-3 a day for 3 months in a row. LSD has provided me with total and absolute relief. It disrupted the cycle entirely, and I haven’t had a headache in the last 8 months. I can’t begin to explain the amount of relief it had provided me. I was very skeptical before trying this method, and glad I was. I was personally comfortable with the experience enough that i would consider it again if i find myself in another horrible cycle. Check out what peoples experiences are

Comment by Dan

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