Virus In Training

Breakup billboard, FUNNY stuff by mozey

This animation (gif) was created using, (it also can do comic strips).

NOW THATS A PISSED OFF WIFE, well, ex wife i guess. funny breakup billboard message


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Comment by Bryenna

Billboards 2.0


Comment by Anonymous

my names emily, my (ex)boyfriend is steven and he just dumped me for ‘slutty’ bethany. emily we have something in common!!:)

Comment by nobody shall know who i am

DDDAAAMMMNNN hahahaha thats great

Comment by Spike

she’s my idol

Comment by yolanda

im only 13 and thats harsh

Comment by kevin

that funny u gettm girl tellum whos boss

Comment by destiny

lol i love it i bet thats what karishma is going to do that to ryan p

Comment by shay-shay


Comment by evil rider

brilliant.Cheating is never acceptable.

Comment by me

I wonder who Emily was fucking on the side. Or what she was doing wrong that she couldn’t please her man. Sorry, someone had to play devil’s advocate. There are two sides to every story. I wonder what Steven’s story was.

Comment by Jeff

he got wat he deserved

Comment by bloodgirl


Comment by Anonymous

ha!!! i fuckin love it !

Comment by stephanie

my name is emily, i need to use ur idea hun. awsome!!! wish you could add a hand that would come out and slap him. lol

Comment by emily

That shit is awsome!! Thats the way to show the world how much
you shouldnt mess with grls!! I wonder how many dates hes going to get after now everyone knows lol!!

Comment by crystal

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ha. ha ha ha. oh, i get it now!

Comment by somebody

proves to guys, one thing; no joint bank account.

Comment by andy

that’s the way to get back at him! good job!

Comment by sassy

Good day to all

Comment by Neopresent-new

Is this gonna end someday??

Comment by flouffkax

Priveet!! Medveed!!!

Comment by dead_drederS

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