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Why excessive masterbation is bad for you by mozey
October 9, 2007, 1:46 pm
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The one and only reason:

1: It will cause unbalanced growth in muscles!!

unbalanced muscle growth is caused by excessive masterbation

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[…] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptThe one and only reason:. 1: It will cause unbalanced growth in muscles!! unbalanced muscle growth is caused by excessive masterbation. […]

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Comment by barbieslife

It is also bad for you when you spell it wrong.

Comment by malsies

Thank God for masturbation. To quote a classic long-running skit on “Hee Haw,”……

“If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.”

Use as directed. May cause pimples, abnormal hair growth on palms, blindness, changes in vision, and social anxiety disorder..


Comment by Kendall

Get a girlfriend. Then you can use one hand on her, and one hand on you. That’ll balance it out.

Or better yet, let her do it for you.

Comment by startingtoday

Excessive masturbation leads to poor spelling, such as the inability to spell masturbation correctly.

Comment by dankprofessor


I should get a bunch of fellow techies who cant spell and go on one of those paraydes!.


Comment by mozey

That’s funny, Bro!

Comment by Kendall

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. Keep it going! Coming here is a good pick me up for those crappy days. And you better bet I’ll be coming back for more. 🙂

Comment by driftjunky

you know guys ( masterbation is a god sent )

but i prefere having fun the right way !
you know what i mean ………!

loved your blog guys !!
i’ll come back later.

Comment by gold roger

well masterbation can help if you dont have a stregnht in you left use your left hand in masterbating because of thing your left hand can gain control so if you are player you want to develop your left hand use your left hand in masterbating

Comment by william araneta

Most people say they do masturbation in order for them to deal with the stress. There is that belief that it can cure the stress, thereby exciting oneself.

Comment by Ngoso Shelembe

Dont fool yourselves.Masturbation is bad.if you have stress rather turn to God

Comment by Anonymus

is masterbation bad

Comment by Anonymous

This is a serious problem with young people, and it can cause emotional problems.

Sadly so many people just want someone to tell they what they want to hear, and that is not good. If you are caught-up in this habit, stop! You can get an infection, and it also leads to poor self-esteem.

A person caught up in this insidious practice, needs to pray about getting out of it.

Comment by Charles Nickalopoulos

I would not advise anyone to get caught up in this practice, male or female.
People make jokes about it, but it is not funny.

The human body is supposed to be God’s temple, and if you defile it, you will pay the consequences.

Comment by Bill Mcnight

Masturbation is wrong under any justifications it is shameful and a health hazard better stop before is to late to retrace your steps be warned

Comment by Kevin tipis

that is bs it wont do that to your body

Comment by bob

funny as fuck

Comment by jonny

stop using God as an excuse, dumb people!
we all know that’s masturbation is only bad when it’s too much!
but as long as we’re talking about pleasing one self, it’s totally okay.
it’s fine to explore your body, you’re good spots and all.
so you know what you want.

Comment by lily_allenhater

Masturbation… Is a touchy subject but it is awesome. Every nite before I go to bed I tug it because it tires me out and it just makes me want to sleep. Also, I jerk it once I wake up, you know to make sure my shlong still works. Then once again in the shower to “clean” to pipes. Afterwards, I slam it at lunch mostly because I’m bored at that time. Then after I eat supper I look up new porn updates on the internet and jerk it. Rise and repeat.

Comment by Thor

gods temple is in are soul not are livers or intestine thats why god said its not what goes into your mouth but what comes out of it that defiles the temple
masturbation is both healthy & normal
don’t listen to these jealous morons
they are married to ugly woman who would beat them senseless if they got caught masturbating

Comment by dan

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