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How could a lion hunt a giraffe by mozey
October 14, 2007, 9:47 pm
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this animated gif was created at, custom watermarks, lulz comic strips, or animated gifs, also LOTS of fonts!.


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male lions don’t hunt, unless they are in a bachelor group and that is a full grown male

Comment by Lily

are u making fun out of the lion?

Comment by Aisha

books y u on bout lions u neeks

Comment by a.m.p

chil homie dawg das just a silwy pic of dat lion yea don b getin in all dat picture guys grill wow yea and lik peace chungalooloo 🙂

Comment by yo yo touch your toe

hey guys this is just a lil joke bout lions soooooo chill its a JOKE

Comment by sugar honey

lol…that’s funny…

Comment by rose

wow, i work at a zoo, so if that actually happend, i would be screwed!!

Comment by emily

dat is funi nd i lik ur word:)

chuckalooloo or sumfin

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

Haha. That’s really clever

Comment by Mai

Check out this video to see lion killling giraffe:

cool video

Comment by lion killing giraff

funny. the giraffe sould probably easily run away unless the lion gets the stilts off.

Comment by BLA BLA

HAHA thats a good one!! i acn ignore discovery channel facts over this silly-ness… people dont get all technical just embrace the funny cleverness!!! haha so simply HALARIOUS! ^_^ kudos!

Comment by Clara

LOL nice one!
hahahaha very funny XD

Comment by Anonymous

well it doesn’t mean if you going to attack a bigger or taller one you will hit the head

Comment by william araneta

xD all right, we’ve overcome the height barrier, now we’ve just got to work on that whole “stealth” issue…

Comment by sunny


Comment by sdfsdsd

I’m so cunfused!!!

Comment by ??

lions rule and manhandle tigers

Comment by Vegeta



Comment by Alex

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