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Are these rare photos of hurricane katrina? or bogus? by mozey
December 5, 2007, 5:50 pm
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Lets start with the meme first! πŸ™‚

crated at, A lulz creator on steroids.

I got these pictures in an email, so i wonder how i can validate its authenticity. PLEASE if you know anything about these pictures, ie of they are real or they cant be. Please feel free to comment on them.

None the less if i was living anywhere around there, it would be damn scary.

hurricane katrina over mississippi very scary bluehurricane katrina grass fieldhurricane katrina grass field greenhuricane katrina mississippi fieldhuricane katrina mississippi over highway or streethuricane katrina mississippi field amazing picturehurricane katrina over mississippi grass highway


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this is wack yo

Comment by Anonymous

these pictures could be real or fake but some of them look kinda real1

Comment by jazmin sparkes


Comment by Anonymous

man thats wack like a bitch on crack mayne

Comment by TBAG

so fake so fake one theys picture look like a torndo how could they lie.

Comment by Roger

All are real. None are of Katrina.

Comment by Anonymous

mom look at this coolpicture

Comment by mercedes

They look like tornado pics

Comment by Anonymous

These are not pictures of Hurricane Katrina. They are tornados and other rare cloud formations. The link below is to Snopes is a great website to go and check the validity of any email propaganda you might get. I encourage you all to book mark it and use it when ever you get an email like the one listed above. No I dont run the site but I use it at least once a week.

Comment by Dave

I, like candy!

Comment by Chris

Real pictures, but not Katrina…

Comment by alstarx

theses are deffently tornados not huricanes

Comment by hxcforreal

These are not pictures of Hurricane Katrina. They are tornados and other rare cloud formations. The link below is to Snopes is a great website to go and check the validity of any email propaganda you might get. I encourage you all to book mark it and use it when ever you get an email like the one listed above. No I dont run the site but I use it at least once a week.

Comment by bob

my gosh this is cr azy

Comment by hyper


Comment by hyper

NOT KATRINA…do you think a storm that covered SEVERAL REGIONS would be photographed from end to end in just one camera lense???
i think not

Comment by Anonymous

Photoshop? Saw a waterspout once. Never seen a twister. Been through hurricane Freddie danny, Ivan Camille and Katrina. They all hit land at night eccept Katrina. Got to see it in the daytime but it didn’t look like the pics.

Comment by Rick

how scary
but the first isnt real

Comment by danielle

As a life long native of New Orleans Louisiana, I’ve been through MANY hurricaines, including Katrina, and NONE of them look like that!! Definately pics of tornadoes. During a hurricane it rains way too much to even see the clouds clearly like that….definately bogus!! Hurricane Katrina hit land around 6 o’clock in the morning, not late in the afternoon, believe me I was there!!

Comment by Kellie

These are not photos of Katrina. These are all pictures of thunderstorms, none of which are associated with Katrina. In fact, the majority of them are the work of storm chaser Mike Hollingshead, and his website is

He lives in Nebraska.

Comment by Bus

Considering what a single Hurricane can do, after making landfall, for all wee know, some of those pictures could very well have been spun up from Hurricane Katrina’s leftovers.
Hurricane Andrew caused more devastation spinning up tornadoes, then it’s original winds and rain when it hit Florida.
Seen here.
Also used in (Category 6, Day Of Destruction.)
They use many pictures taken from real life, including live video of real storm chasers. (Not in Twister.)
They used some in (Cat 7) as well.
Some places are easy to pick out, with no better quality then a crappy VHS copy of a storm.. Much easier to pic those out.


Comment by Dennis E Strausser Jr

BTW, forgot.. I only got a D- in weather science because of spelling errors and rushed projects. My teacher told me I would’ve gotten straight As if it hadn’t been for that..


Comment by Dennis E Strausser Jr

Again… These are NOT photos of Katrina.

Click the link in my previous post and look at his images. In fact, the guy occasionally talks about how it pisses him off that people are using his work and falsifying where the images came from.

Comment by Bus

They are all so totally fake. Hurricanes can not produce lightning for one thing. The one with the F5 tornado spawning is also fake because if a hurricane would have produced it the cell would be extreemly strong, which means lots of rain and wind, neither in this photo. Dark clouds like these would not be able to be seen because they would be pouring rain all over you.

Comment by kerry

Those pictures are so bogus.. the color is all wrong… so just that tells u they have been manipulated. Most show clear skies in the background. granted there are tonadoes in hurricanes… I have lived thru them… but in a hurricane…there is no blue skies behind them… except in the eye… For instance in the last picture… New Orleans, St. Bernard, Ninth Ward, the land does not look like that.. green crops of some kind growing… that picture looks like the midwest. In one of the pictures.. it shows hills in the landscape…. no hills in New Olreans… all these pictures are fake about katrina… weird cloud formations yes.. and probably some have been manipulated as well… thanks.. Victoria… a native New Orleanian

Comment by Victoria

thay are all pictures of supercell thunderstorms. the first two are of a wall cloud, the second, third, sixth and seventh are all large rotating mezocyclones produced because of the supercells. fouth, obviously a developing tornado. and the fifth just a picture of a strong thunderstorm with some internal cloud lightning.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

this is sooo sad but fake

Comment by Anonymous

this is so sadd but so idk

Comment by word63

those are tornadoes, ifit were a hurricane it would seem muuuuch larger.
And hurricanes begin over water, and none of those are near a cost. =P

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by SAMANTHA

Hun these are tornado formations.Sorry but this not Hurricane katrina

Comment by sarah

Hello? Did you actually notice these are TORNADOES? not hurricanes? If so, please note

Comment by Anonymous

r these realy Hurricane Katrina

Comment by Anonymous

I’ve lived in coastal areas and on the wide open plains. These photos all look real, but they are definitely really superb photos. Most photographers are not Storm Chasers, and most people who happen to see a tornado up close are not professional photographers. These look very professional.

Photo #1 (after the animation) is a front moving into the area. Notice the smooth, fairly straight line of cloud walls. You are seeing the cool air colliding into the warm air. It will dump rain before it’s over. If the colors are accurate, the greenish tint indicates tornadoes are possible.

Photos #2 and #3 are of very large (wide) tornadoes. I’d hate to be in its path.

Photo #4 is the shape of a typical tornado. We see a lot of those in Oklahoma.

Photo #5 is lightning in a thunderstorm.

The last two I’m not sure about. You can see some really good videos of lightning and other weather at Try this one:, lightning from space. Then search for lightning or tornado (tormenta, in Spanish) for more. Fascinating stuph!

Comment by fingerstx

It can’t be real because who on earth would risk there lives to take a picture that close to the Hurricane?

Comment by Anonymous

Ok, all the pictures here are real except for the first and the sixth. Whether they are from hurricane katrina or not I don`t know but they are real pictures.

Comment by Anonymous

These are hurricanes cuz of the size, tornados are thiner and faster

Comment by Beverly

the sixth picture is real, its just zoomed in on the choppy clouds, and lightning is taking place, hence the blue/white light coming through.
Check out the 7th picture, its the same cloud but zoomed out.
And this is NOT Katrina, its a tornado with a huge thunderstorm, its very much often they are combined, as they both consist with warm and cold air.
Katrina was a hurricane and was rarely captured with digital cameras and other earth based devices, as she was too powerful for humans to withstand the ground. They do have some of stormy clouds and mist from those who took shots miles away from the hurricane.
The only popular ones are mostly satellite images.

(: baaaaa

Comment by James Boyle

they look dead real. this was either made by a pure science techno guy, or just some other pictures.

Comment by Anonymus.

they do not look real at all, fake manipulation… prolly cut and paste on a clear sky field pic

Comment by Faisal K

Half of you are tards. These are all real and none are manipulated, other than the first. πŸ™‚ Just some nice exposures.

And they aren`t hurricanes either, they`re supercell thunderstorms. Really, whats wrong with you people? Didn`t you pay attention in science class?

Comment by May

I dont care whether they are real or fake they are amazing pictures!!!

Comment by Daisy

fukk dis shit wack ass shit ma grandme takes better pics

Comment by yee

DeSe PiCtUrEs ArE ReAl,TrUsT mE mY bRo Iz FrOm NeW oRlEaNz Nd He SeD DaTz XAcTlY hOw He SeD iT lOoKz LiKe,So AlL u CoMmEnTeRz DaT r SaYiN dIs PiCtUrEz R fAkE,u CaN eAt A dIcK!!!! aLsO i WnNa GiVe A sHoUtOuT 2 mY nIgGa WEEZY-YuNg MoUlA bAbY!!!!

Comment by KiLlA kIlL

my mum died in hurricane Katrina

Comment by

lies these are not pictures of hurricane katrina lies lies lies lies

Comment by billie

i would be so scared to go near ne of that…i would shit myself!!!

Comment by Autumn Pawlowski

these pics are so gay!! you can tell they are fake!! poser

Comment by jason leland

my parents lived near there and said they were freken scared when the tornados came

Comment by Keri

Not real!!!!
Tornados durrrr

Comment by Smithy

That is really serious just think about how many people was killed and how it destoryed farms,crops and most thing’s, i feel really sorry for thoose people who suffered and who died rest in piece my friend’s.

Comment by connor

these are tornados not hurricanes

Comment by Gunstars

Whats funny is how many people respond to say they are fake or asking whether they are real without reading the million replies before them with the answers…

Comment by Kev

I think the first like 2 were from Katrina, the other ones are thunderstorm cells pretty much ready to spit out a tornado, the rural area would lead me to believe that most of them are not from Katrina.

Comment by caitygirl120

These pictures are quite real. My uncle took them just before he left the state when Katrina was rolling in.

Comment by victoria

I would be so scard to be in that place like that

Comment by tamesha

Im from louisiana, and i saw katrina, and i can tell you…………………….THAT THOSE PICTUERS ARE NOT FROM KATRNIA.
I was there, I saw katrina, beside, would i lie to you?
dont answer that.

Comment by zack owns your soul

i am with him


Crop below cloud is much to immature for Aug. 29 in Mississippi. Most likely April or May in Midwest.

Comment by Richard Miller

They are real but i think they are supercells google img it.

Comment by d

These pictures are real, I was dispatched down to Louisiana from Michigan for relief work and saw things I hope no one ever witnesses. I think they might be off Rita not Katrina though.

Comment by jonathan


Comment by Kim

but okay.
looks real though.
watever works.

Comment by fang

i’ve never been in a hurrican….i live in alaska…soo yah…but
i fell really bad for all of the people who loose family in these things!!!
😦 i would be sad to if i lost family to!!!!

Comment by k8lyn

BTW….HURRICANS ARE REALL!!!! U PEOPLE NEED TO PAY ATENTION IN SCIENCE CALSS!!!!yes they are supercell thunderstorms!!!! duh!!!!!

have a nice day!!! πŸ™‚ ❀ =D =P
love u…k8leen!!!!!!

Comment by k8leen boodicottia

some of them might be katrina… but some of them are definitely tornadoes, not hurricanes. either way, they’re awesome depictions of nature.

Comment by Patrick

These pictures are … well amazing. Dangerous but beautiful. Migh sund strange and crazy but hey its me. These are definately real pictures and not fakes. None have been tampered with except the first. πŸ˜€ Ovbiously.

I agree with May they are supercell. I only know because my geography teacher, Mr Tucker, is teaching us about hurricanes, tornados, supercell thunderstorms etc etc.

Comment by Shannon

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