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Mt St hellen smoke rings pictures by mozey
December 5, 2007, 5:14 pm
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I got these amazing pictures of mount saint hellen smoke rings. I thought i would share it with everyone. The first one is my favorite, it seems that a giant being is smoking a HUGE pipe.

The air is pushed through the top hole of the mountain, and the tempreture on that altitude is JUST RIGHT that it would form particles in the air that looks like a little circle cloud over the mountain top.

This is probably the poorest explanation of what a smoke ring is within that context, but I TRIED people. Please enjoy.

mt saint hellens sunrise ash

mount saint hellens ash top two rings


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Holy crap! That is just incredible and wonderful and magnificent. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Pamela

those are called lenticular clouds… it indicates an unstable airmass around the mountain top. If you pilot a cessna 172 into that, expect flying inverted

Comment by Glenn Lopez

Nice photos, but the one on the bottom is of Mt. Fuji

Comment by Anonymous

Neither is Mt. St. Helens.

Comment by Mike

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