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What if david was a modern day man by mozey
December 10, 2007, 10:32 pm
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He would like this and PROBABLY would be a sysadmin. One of those guys REALLY HATES windows. Oh yeahh, his nick name would be, D_MAN_78.

If Statue David Was A Modern Day Man

Didsclaimer: I am a sys-admin!, and i do hate windows. SO you know!, smile!, your allowed to hit on your own gang.


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you’re also allowed to know the difference between your and you’re but you didn’t exercise your right.

Its okay tho, i really suck at everything, and i hide it by a half ass attempt of sounding smart!, so i’m not gonna complain much. Also, i like men, which is fine i guess, but i’m afraid to tell my girlfriend. IT HURTS WHEN I KISS HER.

Comment by Smelly Person

Great site! May we have permission to use the David image on our site ( We will add a link to your site with the pic. Just being careful about copyright stuff, ya know? Atually, gonna use it right now and hope for the best?

P.S. We have no money so don’t bother to sue! Steve

Comment by Steve

to tell you the truth steve, this is not my image, so you are wellcome to it i guess 🙂

Comment by mozey

This picture is very funny he guy is very very handsome he is sexy picture.

Comment by Sanjay

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