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Worst batman watergun toy ever animated by mozey
June 9, 2008, 6:24 am
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The original image was found in upcool.


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That was so funny…what circa is it 60’s?

Hello My Name Is R.A. Grimes and I am a novice animator. I did a 2 minute short called Dark Knight: The Last Laugh. I used the vocal talents of AL Pacino as the Dark Knight and Robert DeNiro as the Joker, it comes from the infamous scene in Heat.It took countless days to finish, but it is my proudest pieces, I hope you enjoy it enough to share it on your blog.
Here is the link

Thank You For Your Time
R.A. Grimes

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Comment by againstallblogs

hahahah. i saw your posting off of another blog a guy who is working on ihunt/xhunt for the iphone (a guy i’ve personally met at a crazy costume party). i’ve always wanted to learn animation but it seems so difficult and tedious at least i tried to work with flash and go no where because you really need to know java to use it. i can’t get your open it keeps saying the site is down. can you give me any pointers on starting my career in animation?

Comment by finance ninja

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