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Adsense on revisited by mozey

Okay, first of all. Like many, my favorite blog on is WICKED, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE.

But if you notice, right on the header of this blog, there exist adsense!. I thought we cant use adsense on a hosted blog!. What gives? does wordpress allow adsense only on higher profile blogs?, if so, how is that defined? Can someone please shed some light on this.


Real Life Contextual Advertisement by mozey
April 21, 2007, 1:34 pm
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So i have received a bunch of pictures to my mailbox as a forward from a friend that i HAD to share with everyone. Its a series of BRILLIANT advertisement which incorporate physical elements around them. VERY eye catching and defiantly not your everyday billboard. Check out the first few,

Consumers tend to build blindness to a marketing method if it got over used, such as your everyday bulletin boards. These type of ads will break such pattern and actually attract the attention more effectively.

I bet that it would be easier to implement on the web since the functionalities of a web app are limited (with respect to physical objects in real life).

I cant find any good contextual advertisement case studies by mozey
April 18, 2007, 5:14 pm
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Perhaps i’m just googling the wrong words. But i have been BUSTING my CHOPS lately trying to find a good set of case studies which talk to IN NUMBERS about contextual advertisement.

I know that google supplied some of thier own stuff, and perhaps they do give not bad of an idea as to what type of online businesses work. But I still would like to see more numbers behind all of this.

Does anyone have any hints or anything worth sharing to everyone else?