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Two funny oxymoronisms by mozey
November 8, 2007, 4:43 pm
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Constant Variable:

This is a term used in programming which refers to variables that are declared with one particular value. For instance,
PI = 3.14

BUT COMMON, how can something that vary in be constant!.

None refundable deposit:

I have been apartment hunting lately, and few landlords said that i can indeed bring in my pet (mimi poopoo, she’s a French feminist) for a none refundable deposit of 300 dollars.

HOW CAN A DEPOSIT be none refundable!. what the hall?!?!, and do not get me wrong, i’m reasonable, but USE THE PROPER TERMINOLOGY PEOPLE. If they would have called it “taking your money for no reason other than we can fee”, i would be okay with it.