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Does it make me a bad person by mozey
March 17, 2007, 7:45 pm
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OKAY, THIS IS A MEAN POST!, sorry! dont read any further!.

Does it make me a bad person that my eyes bleed when i read an article that has 2.0 in it!? seriously, by b4115 hurt!, those are the same people who got excited when the term E-Commerce came about right before the IT crash. They were all like:

ewhhhhhhhh ewhhhhhhh, e-commerce and internet, internet and e-commerce blablablablabla, i use big words to hide the fact that i have the IQ of a beer bottle,,,,,,,,,,, with urine in it. OWOH, HOLD ON!, i have to go and study for my MICROSOFT CERTIFICATION. This next module is fairly challanging, it talks about how the registery “works” (please notice the qoutes)! hahah, i’m such a world class IT professional. I have to be excused, my personal held device is ringing. It must be time for my daily personal blog where i got to talk about the effects of “Toothpick 2.0” and the resturant industry. There i go with my chai late with extra foam and side Italian Biscati.

That did feel a bit better!, i must admit


operating system moscot war apple penguin windows and beastie by mozey
March 14, 2007, 7:19 pm
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Okay, so OS’s have been taking stabs at each other for ever. And they will continue to do so!. So i spent some time to look up some funny graphics of these “stabes”.

I’m sure that are plenty more, and i hope that i will have many more to come. I COULD’NT FIND ANYTHING for solaris!, let meknow peolpe!.

beastie-breaking-windowsfreebsd-beastie-does-linuxfreebsd-beastie-kills-linuxbill-gates-bitten-linuxbill-gates-stealing-maclinux log in a mac logosome other funny picture with linux and vistawindows trojan going into an apple’s system

Okay, this video is actually cool, For the first min, i actually thought that he was serious!

The funniest microsoft error support issues ever by mozey
March 12, 2007, 7:03 pm
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Okay, my jaw hurts!. So this must be good, i thought i would share it with you fine people. The following are actual support issues from Microsoft website.

  1. Computer randmonly plays classical music
  2. Your password must be 17880 charecters long and cannot be the previous 30689 passwords
  3. Hair color of the “person” icon for a user group becomes gray if the group contains more than 500 users
  4. Dancer does not start when music plays
  5. XADM: Remove All Does Not Remove Everything
  6. Calculator Does Not Reliably Subtract Two Numbers in Windows
  7. Mouse Doesn’t Work with MS-DOS Shell
  8. Computer Hangs After 49.7 Days

Dancer doesn’t start when music plays!!!, can you REALLY blam that on ANYTHING computer related!. My favorite is the Mouse doesn’t work with ms-dos, THIS IS WINDOWS mentality at its fineset!.

LOL, hope you enjoyed that.