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hate 2.0 (my version of this post) by mozey
May 29, 2008, 5:06 pm
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Okay, recently, i came across a post titled “hate 2.0” (P. Cash). I read the post and i thought to myself, GREAT, someone else aside from me hates that AGGRAVATING postfix “2. MUTHA F#*&$*ING 0”. So i decided to give it a read, i was disappointed that the post was about something ELSE (hate communities on the internet, kkk and what have you!).

Don’t get me wrong, i think this topic is DEFIANTLY worth covering, however, i’m not concerned. One of these days, some bored Russian hacker is going to read some ill advice ass-munch talk about communism like its a degenerate derivative of foot fungus, and how they all should “Die, this and that”. And he’s going to set them straight.

OKAY, back on topic!, here is my comment i had to leave, I thought it was worthy of its own post as well

I tell you what III hate!, The over use of the postfix “2.0″!, people lose thier mind with buzzwords. All of a sudden there is:

music 2.0
enterprise 2.0
education 2.0

EDUCATION 2.0!, Teaching is arguably one of the oldest professions in existence, and NOW, people are ready for the next increment!?

WEB 2.0 IS WHEN YOUR COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE IS YOUR PRIMARY CONTENT CREATOR!. THATS ALL!. THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT!, AND I HAVE GOT NEWS FOR YOU!, discussion boards and search engines has been around before the century, AND THEY ARE considered as the earliest types of 2.0 crap!.

I HAVE NO IDEA, how ajax, big fonts, cutsy names (boohoo, dooldoo, booboo), RSS, got all intermingled with the notion of “Community driven”. Its SOOO frustrating when people have a faulty INSISTING understanding of what your profession is. OH WAW, okay i’ll stop!

Sorry, i had to!.



Computers and music by mozey
April 5, 2007, 5:16 pm
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When i was in the 12th grade, i had NO IDEA what i was going to study in university. Knowing that i can play a MEAN guitar, i wanted to study jazz. But the family talked me out of it. Weather or not that was a good call!, i donno. But Computer Science & math did’nt seem like such a boring subject to me so i went for it.

I remember the FIRST day of my university. I told myself that i was going to build SOMETHING computer sciency to do with music. Then i forgot about this dream altogether. Now, nearly 8 years later. I’m coming sooo close, i can smell it 🙂

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