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Rapyd Library is a godsent by mozey
August 28, 2007, 6:50 pm
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Now, THATS A PRODUCT, i love it, i love it i love it.

Okay okay okay, lets take it back few steps, rapyd is a framework/library built on top of Code igniter. Code igniter is an MVC php framwork that just,,,,,,, kicks ass. And rapyd is a library that codes all of your most redundant tasks for you such as, CRUD generating, logical layout, user authentication, etc.

It goes beyond just simple scaffolding, if you are into web development at all, YOU NEED to give this a W00T.

It features (and i qoute for this):

Data Presentation Components

  • It has a theme/views system to standardize components layout
  • A tag-based function-engine (to easily format field values)
  • An easy way to paginate data (with CI helpers / libraries like uri and pagination)

Data Editing Components

  • A tiny dynamic ORM (DataObject), based on CI Active Record (now with a basic support for relationships)
  • Many field classes: input, textarea, editor (tinyMCE), datetime(jscalendar), etc..
  • A form class (based on field classes and CI libs, helpers)
  • An elegant way to create CRUD interfaces (like CI scaffolding feature, but totally customizable)

Happy coding people,


Buzzwords 2.0 by mozey
April 19, 2007, 6:08 pm
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Hello everyone, i would like to learn ajax so i can write user driven web 2.0 applications using ruby on rails as my MVC framework. Oh joy!, i wonder what niche am i going to fill next!. I bet that i develop an application where users get to take pictures of themselves RIGHT after they cut HUGE cheeeees!, THEN they get to upload it and RATE IT. OH MY GOD, thats the next BEST idea in the world.

Wait, wait wait a TICK. Is my new social network going to be open for everyone or user invitation only!. HAAA, you see, these are the type of questions you need to answer in order to make it in this ever so competetive world of ours!. YES, i got it, i’ll use google authenitcation, and i WILL make it invetation only!. Watch out myspace, here i come! (waw de ja voo!)

Okay okay, enough talking!, i’m going to get a godaddy hosting account, but exuse me first, i need to go and sniff some my old sox for a while. I heard that if you do that, you IQ will go over three!.