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Why excessive masterbation is bad for you by mozey
October 9, 2007, 1:46 pm
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The one and only reason:

1: It will cause unbalanced growth in muscles!!

unbalanced muscle growth is caused by excessive masterbation

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Adsense on revisited by mozey

Okay, first of all. Like many, my favorite blog on is WICKED, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE.

But if you notice, right on the header of this blog, there exist adsense!. I thought we cant use adsense on a hosted blog!. What gives? does wordpress allow adsense only on higher profile blogs?, if so, how is that defined? Can someone please shed some light on this.

The 1 million dollar question literally by mozey
August 30, 2007, 6:11 pm
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Okay people, so i havn’t posted anything in in a while!, WHY do you ask, because i was a greedy SOB who thought that blogger is better than wordpress since blogger allows you to use adsense!, I WAS WRONG, WRRRROOONGG.

Ever since i have been posting at (my other blogspot blog), i just hav’nt felt at home!, you guys are nice here, you leave nice comments (for the most parts), and i feel just, soo fuzzy and warm.

So to celebrate my comeback, i will show you, how YOU get to take home one MILLION DOLLARS by solving a little math problem!. Now, a small video, then the goodies.

Actually there are seven of them!, so there if you need to make money fast, pay off some student loans, or anything like that, KEEP reading. 🙂 yeahh yeahh, there is a small catch!

We all know that mathematics has been around for as long as man kind was able to reason. And just like any science or craft, few challenges remains unsolved. In this article, i will talk (TRUST ME very briefly) about one out of seven mathematical problems that suffice this description. The interesting part is, the Clay Mathematical Institute has assigned a MILLION dollar reward per problem solved to anyone who can solve them. Again, i’m only going to touch briefly about one of those seven, but at the end, i’ll list some resources if you are interested in finding out more about them.

P vs NP:

So, You have a graph with X number of nodes, and a whole bunch of connection between some of the nodes. Each connection is weighted, Sweet!?!?, Find a path from node A to node B such that your sum total of your connections is minimized.

(take a moment and think about it, perhaps draw your own graph)

Aright!, so i have two choices, either talk and explain the problem to a all boring details, or just assume that you people know one or two things about math. Since i’m lazy, and i don’t mean a BIT lazy!, no like OH GOD can someone feed me lazy. I’m gonna assume some math knowledge.

You have to be able to come up with an algorithm that solves that map problem in a polynomial time!. YOU DO THAT, and you are one million dollar richer!, if not!, you have to proof why it cant be done. And BOOM, you are one million dollar richer.

GLAD to be back in pays $2,000 for your videos by mozey
April 4, 2007, 6:35 pm
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A new web 2.0 service is lauched and STRONG. It has been getting serious traffic since late 2006 (so says alexa). logo is a collaborative video sharing website, unlike youtube however, break will pay you $2000 dollars if your video made it to the front page and will also pay you $25 if your video is archived.

I can see what they are attempting to do. To be a bit more selective than youtube in keeping their videos. And also encourage serious video authors to upload their stuff.

I think that unless finds its niche, it wont be around for much longer. Aside from that, paying 2000 dollars per video is better spent on SERIOUS IT development of a NEW web application!

Techies(0) – Salesmen(1)!!!

techies vs salesman good and evil

What do you guys think?