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A desprate call for friendship from india by mozey
March 27, 2008, 5:54 pm
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Oh boy!, where to start!.

I found some before and after images of Arnold which i just found funny!. So i decided to write a post about them. I have been flamed SOO much because of this post!, WaW, you can even see it in the comments. And thats not even including all of the ones i deleted.

Either ways, i got this CRAZY comment from this dude in India, who wanted random readers of my post to SMS him if they want to be his friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and he POSTED HIS PHONE NUMBER!, that i had to smug out!, (i’m not that mean!).

a comment from india, a desprate call for friendship
I bet you, its some guy who had a bad breakup, and is giving his girlfriend’s number to anyone on the internet. OR, someone like!, 7 years old with a new phone!, OR perhaps, someone who JUST got out of jail, and does not know how it all hangs!, OR, a combination of all of the above.

AMAN if your reading this:

NOTHING BUT LOVE!, we are not mocking you, or making fun of you!. BUT PLEASE, do note that you cant give out your phone number on the internet like that, 🙂


Real Life Contextual Advertisement by mozey
April 21, 2007, 1:34 pm
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So i have received a bunch of pictures to my mailbox as a forward from a friend that i HAD to share with everyone. Its a series of BRILLIANT advertisement which incorporate physical elements around them. VERY eye catching and defiantly not your everyday billboard. Check out the first few,

Consumers tend to build blindness to a marketing method if it got over used, such as your everyday bulletin boards. These type of ads will break such pattern and actually attract the attention more effectively.

I bet that it would be easier to implement on the web since the functionalities of a web app are limited (with respect to physical objects in real life).