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hate 2.0 (my version of this post) by mozey
May 29, 2008, 5:06 pm
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Okay, recently, i came across a post titled “hate 2.0” (P. Cash). I read the post and i thought to myself, GREAT, someone else aside from me hates that AGGRAVATING postfix “2. MUTHA F#*&$*ING 0”. So i decided to give it a read, i was disappointed that the post was about something ELSE (hate communities on the internet, kkk and what have you!).

Don’t get me wrong, i think this topic is DEFIANTLY worth covering, however, i’m not concerned. One of these days, some bored Russian hacker is going to read some ill advice ass-munch talk about communism like its a degenerate derivative of foot fungus, and how they all should “Die, this and that”. And he’s going to set them straight.

OKAY, back on topic!, here is my comment i had to leave, I thought it was worthy of its own post as well

I tell you what III hate!, The over use of the postfix “2.0″!, people lose thier mind with buzzwords. All of a sudden there is:

music 2.0
enterprise 2.0
education 2.0

EDUCATION 2.0!, Teaching is arguably one of the oldest professions in existence, and NOW, people are ready for the next increment!?

WEB 2.0 IS WHEN YOUR COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE IS YOUR PRIMARY CONTENT CREATOR!. THATS ALL!. THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT!, AND I HAVE GOT NEWS FOR YOU!, discussion boards and search engines has been around before the century, AND THEY ARE considered as the earliest types of 2.0 crap!.

I HAVE NO IDEA, how ajax, big fonts, cutsy names (boohoo, dooldoo, booboo), RSS, got all intermingled with the notion of “Community driven”. Its SOOO frustrating when people have a faulty INSISTING understanding of what your profession is. OH WAW, okay i’ll stop!

Sorry, i had to!.


Advertisement, ambassador of the clip people by mozey
April 24, 2008, 7:09 am
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For the past few months, I have been working on an app which gives you more freedom in creating your Lulz. Well, it’s finally done. Meet ClipMann, the official ambassador of the clip people.

You will be able to:

  1. Upload your own images
  2. Stamp your uploads with a watermark customized to your website (name/colors/fonts)
  3. Submit your images to be included in the community (which could be approved or not)
  4. Chose from a HUGE array of funky fonts (South Park, Star Wars, Family Guy, Buffy the VS, and MANY more)
  5. Choose between SERIOUS community images selection, divided by categories (Cats, CatsNDogs, Politics, People, Tech, Random, Monsters, Robots)
  6. Create more than one lol at the same time
  7. Animate your concurrent lols as an animated gif
  8. Combine your concurrent lols as a comic strip

The following is an illustration of the type of lulz you can create. You have the normal comic strip look, with custom colors/fonts/backgrounds.

There is also the option of an animated gif that has been created by the same frames.

Please tell me what you think.

Php big brother by mozey
April 20, 2008, 7:32 pm
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Cool note about digg’s title/url mapping by mozey
December 12, 2007, 5:12 am
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I have had an interesting experience with just earlier on today. What a perfect time, i was hoping for material to blog about. In short, i believe that i found a little technical thingy that they can improve on.

My last post titled “bad santa“, the digg url was as such:

Notice the five at the end of the URL. The reason why this _5 was there is because there was probably other entries titled “bad santa”. In which case, digg HAS to make sure that the URL of this entry is unique. So they will tag some kind of a number after in order to make it unique.

So, the next question i had was, what was bad_Santa_4?

Good question, NOTHING, it was NOTHING. I got 404, so was bad_santa_3. For bad_Santa_2 however, i got this video. Kind of funny, but when the video was over!, i was directed to the “reverse funnel system“! PLEASE!, consider VERY carefully before proceeding.

BACK TO THE TOPIC!, I was wondering if they SHOULD check for unused sequential numbers or not. But you know what!, they are doing it the right waY!. I thought i was on my way for an optimization tip, but i got nothing!.

Adsense on revisited by mozey

Okay, first of all. Like many, my favorite blog on is WICKED, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE.

But if you notice, right on the header of this blog, there exist adsense!. I thought we cant use adsense on a hosted blog!. What gives? does wordpress allow adsense only on higher profile blogs?, if so, how is that defined? Can someone please shed some light on this.

Web 5.0 by mozey
May 30, 2007, 10:58 pm
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Okay, so we’ll all be wearing silver jackets!. SHINY, silver jackets. This jacket is controlled by a microchip which has unlimited ram and clock speed (made possible by quantum computing 2.0, a second version of quantum computing especially designed for silver jackets). The jacket is a direct implementation of DLA (Dynamic Limbs Allocation), you see in the future, our water is going to be radio active, so we had to address this issue by making the number of “arms” a jacket has COMPLETLY dynamic!. And yes, trojan condoms had to consider similar technologies! (DPA)

The chip on the jacket is wired to our head!, which acts as telepathic modem to the WWW. Since spamming will NEVER be solved, you have to wear a helmet which will act as a hardware firewall. A common trend among teenagers is to get high by taking thier hat off for a given number of times which will cause the spam to DOS (Deny Of Service Attack) the hell out of their brain cells. This act is called “BrainFaulting”.

Thats as much as my labratory testing has led me to share with confidence. So i’ll leave you here, and more to come later.

Real Life Contextual Advertisement by mozey
April 21, 2007, 1:34 pm
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So i have received a bunch of pictures to my mailbox as a forward from a friend that i HAD to share with everyone. Its a series of BRILLIANT advertisement which incorporate physical elements around them. VERY eye catching and defiantly not your everyday billboard. Check out the first few,

Consumers tend to build blindness to a marketing method if it got over used, such as your everyday bulletin boards. These type of ads will break such pattern and actually attract the attention more effectively.

I bet that it would be easier to implement on the web since the functionalities of a web app are limited (with respect to physical objects in real life).