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a very cute cat in a cup by mozey
October 18, 2007, 2:15 pm
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This animated gif was created using (humble ambassador of the honorable clip people.)


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That kitten is so cute, but it doesn’t look very happy to be in that glass, unless it somehow got in there itself, then I would have to say that it seems kind of mean…

Comment by whocares

thats soooo cute..
but sooo mean!!! i hope someone didn’t put that poor kitty in glass, but, how would it get there otherwise :(..

Comment by kate

that is the cutest cat I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

thats really cruel…I hope you didnt put the cat in there

Comment by Anonymous

It’s cute I have too say. I think it got in there itself because i’ve seen a cat do that before! Anyway it’s cute, that’s all that matters!

Comment by Anonymous

very, very, cute but why is it forced to be in a tiny cup? Anyway will you drink out of that cup again (you should of thinked twice) intead of hearting that poor thing :{

Comment by Mandy

Hmm, lets hope this is just a kitten that was simply placed into the cup, instead of forced.
Looking at its size, I’d think it was small enough to go in,
So I don’t think its cruel, just, not very pleasant for the kitten’s sake.
Or a bonzai kitten. Poor things.

Comment by Anonymous

That is so cuite i LOVE that alot

Comment by Tarah

did he get out of the cuo ok I worry please someone tell me?
I worry about cats and animal I am an animal lover please reassure me that he is ok!

Comment by sondra

did he get out of the cup ok
please I am an animal lover and I do not like this one bit please reasure me that he is ok

Comment by sondra

did he get out of the cup ok please reasure me I am an animal lover and I do not like this one but.

Comment by sondra fell

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